O-Werk | Campus - Opelring Bochum

Short description

Implenia is building state-of-the-art office space on the Innovation Campus Bochum.

The project

In the MARK 51°7 industrial estate at the Opelring in Bochum-Laer, several office buildings with up to six upper floors and around 65,000 m² of gross floor space will be built on a former industrial dump in three construction phases. Implenia will build three buildings with a GFA of around 25,000 m² for Landmarken AG, two thirds of which have already been leased to the Viactiv health insurance company.  The third building is largely leased to young tech companies. The two university spin-offs VMRay and Physec are specialists for cyber security founded in Bochum.

Services in detail

Implenia Hochbau builds state-of-the-art office space on a turnkey basis. The planning of the complex in the immediate vicinity of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum is designed for flexible structures and allows a wide variety of office concepts and sizes for different tenant needs. Implenia's early partnership with the client already in the design phase was decisive for the commissioning. This enabled Implenia to optimally support and optimise the planning process.


For the entire site with good public transport connections and a high-performance fiber optic network, an energy concept was developed that extracts heat from the old coal mines using geothermal energy. For your O-WERK | CAMPUS with smart building technology and a renewable energy concept, Landmarken is aiming for the LEED gold certificate for special sustainability.

Further information

(Bild: ©Landmarken AG/HPP Architekten)

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