Weiterbau der Grundwasserwanne Ohu

Short description

Construction of a 970m long section of the B15 new as a massive trough structure (groundwater basin) with a connection point in the groundwater (cloverleaf).

The project

The Free State of Bavaria (Autobahndirektion Südbayern), acting on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany, has commissioned the bidding consortium Implenia - Fahrner Bauunternehmung to construct the junction of the B15 trunk road with the new A92 motorway near Landshut. The new B15 Regensburg - Landshut - Rosenheim will serve as a further north-south link in the network of federal roads for long-distance traffic and will have a total length of around 130 km. The connection to the A92 near Landshut is one of the most important connection points.

Since the underpass of the A92 through the B15 is now completely in the groundwater, a groundwater basin must be constructed for this purpose. This is, among other things, a "cloverleaf" which is completely in the groundwater. The trough has a length of approx. 970 m. Its reinforced concrete floor slabs have a volume of around 70,000 m3, plus reinforced concrete walls (6,400 m3)

Services in detail

  • 76,400 m³ wu concrete; 17,000 to. reinforcement;
  • Quarternary and tertiary dewatering;
  • Partner: Back-anchored sheet piling; road, earth and topsoil works


Complex project. As the groundwater basin is not back-anchored in the subsoil, it is designed as a heavyweight basin, extremely massive, with very high reinforcement content. Furthermore, the concrete quality (crack width restriction) is of particular importance.


The new north-south link will enable traffic flows to be bundled. Motor vehicle traffic over rural areas and the resulting emissions will be reduced.

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