Biogen BMC, civil works & structural steel

Short description

Realization of the project "Next Generation Manufacturing" of Biogen in Luterbach.

The project

The facility combines Biogen's latest concepts in fed-batch cell culture technology and protein purification. The plant has a modular design. The production takes place in manufacturing cells.

As master builder we were allowed to build the freestanding staircases. Simultaneously with the steel construction work, the floor levels were built with over-concrete (as mono-concrete) on the holorib sheets. The floor slab (waterproofing in DK1) with shafts and recesses was subsequently constructed below the first floor level.


  • Crane installation in 2 phases, a total of 5 revolving tower cranes - 600 mt
  • Strict safety regulations
  • Very short construction time of the separation houses
  • High accuracy requirements

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