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Opening of the E134 in Norway - A celebration for people, cars and trout

On 3 July Implenia Norway was able to celebrate the handover of the important section of the E134 road between Damåsen and Saggrenda. The new route improves the flow of traffic through the town of Kongsberg and shortens the travel time to the west coast of Norway.

Implenia Norway has been involved in the project since 2016 and was awarded the main contract for the road between Myntbrua and Trollerudmoen. “This has been a very complex infrastructure project with tunnels, bridges and concrete constructions, and open road. Works been done close to up-to the railroad infrastructure with noise reduction, roadwork and blasting operations. This has been a challenging project and we are happy to have it completed and delivered” says project director Rune Morken. 

One of the tasks for Implenia has been to relocate and move Sellikbekken, a vital spawn-stream for the trout from Lågen river coming to spawn. The relocation has been done according to strict regulations from the County Governors Office. The stream has been relocated and moved, large rock for added spawning spots have been put out and planted around the newly located stream.

The opening comes perfectly at the start of the summer holidays and will greatly relieve the burden on the Eiker and Kongsberg communities. In addition to the numerous invited guests, the Norwegian Minister of Transport Knut Arild Hareide was full of praise for everyone involved: “This road-project is like a Kinder egg. It improves road safety, reduces dust and pollutants, and improves the air quality in the city. I want to give a big thanks to everyone involved in this project who has worked in sun, rain, and snow.”