Sanierung Filmhaus WDR

Short description

As part of the reconstruction of the Westdeutscher Rundfunk film house in Cologne, Implenia Fassadentechnik is realizing the new building envelope with a total value of over 13.6 million euros.

The project

The design for the facade was penned by the renowned architecture firm Buchner Bründler from Basel. Installation is scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 2020.

In October 2018, demolition work already began on the building, which is located in the centre of Cologne and within sight of Cologne Cathedral. The existing supporting structure of the reinforced concrete skeleton construction from the 1960s and 1970s will be largely demolished and rebuilt. Parallel to the gutting, a facade mock-up was built in April 2019 to find the final definition of the facade.

Accompanied by the facade consultants Bollinger & Grohmann (Frankfurt), Implenia is providing the up to 10-storey building with a new glass exterior facade consisting of over 350 room-high aluminium sliding windows. In front of the primary facade, a new steel construction will be erected on the outside, which will be clad with light-coloured prefabricated concrete elements and a storey-high filigree baffle plate construction and can be used as a balcony area in the future.

Services in detail

  • Aluminium sliding elements 
  • Prefabricated concrete elements incl. steel support system for forming balconies in front of the facade
  • Filigree storey-high baffle plate construction as fall protection on the balconies
  • PR construction


The project requires a high degree of exact planning and coordination of the various services to be provided by the responsible employees of Implenia Fassadentechnik under the highest construction logistics requirements of an inner-city construction site. Work will start in autumn 2020 and is scheduled to be completed by early 2022.

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