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LOOP5 shopping centre, Weiterstadt

Short description

LOOP5 is a large shopping centre in Weiterstadt, a town in southern Hesse. It was constructed on the basis of plans by the Düsseldorf architecture office HPP-International. Façade Technology was responsible for constructing the façades and commercial spaces.

The project

The name LOOP5 is an abbreviation of ‘looping’ and is intended to highlight the connection to the nearby Frankfurt airport and the European Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt. The Portuguese investor Sonae Sierra, a specialist in shopping centres, and the French investor Foncière Euris purchased the site. The Düsseldorf-based architecture firm HPP-International won the contract to design the shopping centre. In November 2006, work began on the new construction, which is situated on a plot with a surface area of 65,000 square metres. It consists of two large buildings:

  • The 293-metre-long and 34-metre-wide parking garage, which offers around 3,000 parking spaces across nine levels; this is just off the motorway and serves as a noise barrier for the main building. The parking garage has a total volume of 259,000 cubic metres and a gross floor area of 86,940 square metres.
  • The shopping centre, which measures in at 330 metres long, 100 metres wide, and 18 metres high, has a total volume of 714,300 cubic metres and a gross floor area of 96,000 square metres, with a retail space covering 59,510 square metres. The shops are spread across four levels: the basement floor, ground floor and upper floor, and a top floor set back by eight metres.

Services in detail

The work carried out by Façade Technology was as follows:

  • Steel structure with perforated sheet cladding
  • Aluminium-glass façades & sun protection
  • Commercial spaces

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