[Translate to English:] Erweiterung Testanlage für Brandschutzglas

Expansion of testing facility for fire safety glass

Short description

Expansion of the fire safety glass testing facility of the NS Group, Pilkington Gelsenkirchen plant.

The project

Type and scope of work:

In order to expand the testing facility, approximately 300 m² of new hall space was added to the existing building.

After extensive clearing work, a further challenge lay in completing the earthworks and demolition work with as little vibration as possible so as not to disrupt neighbouring businesses.

For this reason, the work was carried out with extreme care using suitable equipment.

The foundations were then laid, including approximately 300 m² of surface-treated reinforced concrete flooring.

Further work included the steel construction work, as well as the construction of the building shell from trapezoidal sheeting, including windows, doors and gates.

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