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Implenia and Ina Invest announce the results of the rights offering of Ina Invest

Dietlikon, 10 June 2020 – In the context of the capital increase and the respective rights offering of Ina Invest Holding AG ("Ina Invest"), Implenia AG (“Implenia”) and Ina Invest today announce that rights have been exercised for 3,064,208 new shares of Ina Invest, corresponding to 59.24% of the maximum number of new shares offered in the rights offering of Ina Invest.

2,107,952 shares not taken up by Implenia shareholders in the rights offering are being offered in the share placement by way of a public offering in Switzerland and private placements in certain jurisdictions outside Switzerland in compliance with applicable securities laws. The final number of new shares to be issued and sold in the rights offering and the share placement will be 5,172,160 and, following the capital increase in connection with the offering, Ina Invest will have issued 8,866,560 registered shares in total with a nominal value of CHF 0.03 each.

All members of the Implenia Executive Committee have exercised their rights in full. Both members of the Ina Invest Board of Directors nominated by Implenia have exercised all of their rights as well.

The final offer price in the offering and for the share placement will be determined following the end of the bookbuilding period. The end of the bookbuilding period is expected to be on 11 June 2020, 15:00 CEST and the offer price is expected to be announced on 12 June 2020, before start of trading on SIX Swiss Exchange.

Based on the take-up in the rights offering and the current status of the order book, the offer price could be set at the maximum of CHF 22.42, corresponding to the net asset value (NAV) per share of Ina Invest (based on a valuation by Wüest Partner as per 31 March 2020).

The listing and first day of trading of the shares, including the existing 3,694,400 shares of Ina Invest to be distributed as dividend in kind to the Implenia shareholders and of the new shares issued in connection with the offering, on SIX Swiss Exchange will be on 12 June 2020. Settlement and delivery of the new shares against payment of the offer price is expected to occur on or around 16 June 2020.

Contact for media:

Silvan Merki, Chief Communications Officer, T +41 58 474 74 77, communication@implenia.com

Contact for Investors and Analysts:

Implenia: Christian Dubs, Head of Investor Relations, T +41 58 474 45 15, ir@implenia.com

Ina Invest: Marc Pointet, CEO, T +41 44 552 97 17, investors@ina-invest.com

Implenia is Switzerland’s leading construction and construction services company. It has significant building construction and civil engineering operations in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, as well as strong positions in the infrastructure sectors of all its home markets: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Sweden and Norway. Implenia is also a successful real estate developer in Switzerland and Germany. Established in 2006, Implenia can look back on around 150 years of construction tradition. It brings the expertise of its highly skilled consultancy, planning and execution units together under the single roof of an integrated multinational leader in construction services. With Implenia’s broad offering and the deep experience of its specialists, the Group can realise complex major projects and provide integrated, customer-centric support across the entire life-cycle of a building or structure. The focus is on customer needs and striking a sustainable balance between financial success and social and environmental responsibility. Implenia, with its headquarters in Dietlikon near Zurich, employs more than 10,000 people in Europe and posted revenue of over CHF 4.4 billion in 2019. The company is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange (IMPN, CH0023868554). More information can be found at implenia.com.

Ina Invest Ltd is a new player in the Swiss real estate sector, which was created through the transfer of half of Implenia's development portfolio and held by Ina Invest Holding Ltd and Implenia. Ina Invest Ltd will develop this initial set of projects, in order to build up a portfolio of yielding properties, and, at the same time will continue to make land acquisitions to grow. With a focus on residential, the properties have a varied usage profile and are in very good locations all over Switzerland. As a result of its transparent collaboration with Implenia, Ina Invest Ltd will benefit from the expertise of Switzerland’s leading construction services provider. In the development and management of its portfolio, Ina Invest Ltd expects to meet the highest sustainability standards thanks to an integrated view of the entire value chain and holistic integration of sustainability across all phases. More information can be found at ina-invest.com.

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