Enabling innovation. And implementing it successfully.

“End-to-end BIM will determine the future orientation and competitiveness of our core business.”

Marc Brülhart
Head Project Excellence & Services

Implenia is using BIM directly on construction sites.



Using Lean Construction to refurbish Überlandstrasse

The total refurbishment of 180 apartments in Zurich is a prime example of the successful use of Lean Construction. In less than 80 days, Implenia modernised two large apartment blocks in the Schwamendingen district of Zurich from top to bottom: all kitchens and bathrooms, building services, roofs, basements and facades. The construction work – with all the different trades involved – went very smoothly, with hardly any faults, and the project was finished in time.


“Essentially, Lean means: using transparency, collaboration and communication to improve quality, complete projects on time and to lower costs.”

Ray Bertschler
Head Lean Construction

“The innovation hub catalyses and channels employee’s ideas. The Innovation Hub uses a digital platform to structure the processes involved in submitting, evaluating, supporting and developing these ideas ready for piloting.”

Karel van Eechoud
Senior Innovation Manager



The sky’s the limit with wood. Implenia is working with Duplex Architekten and Waltgalmarini engineers to build a unique apartment block: Pi, Switzerland’s first timber-built high-rise, will be 80 metres tall and will prioritise environmental and social sustainability. Most likely, it will be the third tallest timber-built high-rise in the world.