Nordenga bridge


Nordenga bridge crosses the track area for Oslo S and connects "the new neighbourhood" Bjørvika with the old Oslo. The unique and highly visible steel structure is a clear landmark and marks the entrance to the neighbourhood of the future in Oslo.

Das Projekt

More efficient traffic. Nordenga bridge has provided more efficient traffic management by taking on around half the traffic that earlier passed over Bispelokket/Nylandsbrua and onto Ring 1. The work of demolishing Bispelokket and to develop the new city streets in Bjørvika could now commence.

Easier access to the fjords. The bridge has a separate five-metre wide pedestrian and cycle path. This has substantially improved the conditions for pedestrians and cyclists, who previously had to take the long route all around Oslo S or via Gamlebyen ("the old city") to access the fjord. The steel truss structures arrived by sea from the manufacturer in Rotterdam.

Project details:

  • Contract type: Prime contract
  • Contract sum: 289 January 2009 to August 2011
  • Developer: Statens Vegvesen, Region East
  • Client: Statens Vegvesen, Region East

Technical information:

  • Part of the E18 Bjørvika project.
  • Total bridge length: 306 metres.
  • 35-metre high steel truss.
  • 1900 tonnes of steel and 4200 m3 of concrete has been used.
  • Two bridge floors: one for vehicles and one for cyclists and pedestrians.

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