Solid performance

Division Specialties achieved solid EBITDA of CHF 19.2 million (2018: CHF 20.1 million). At CHF 150.3 million, the order book was practically unchanged (2018: CHF 151.9 million). Revenue fell by 5.1 % to CHF 242.0 million (2018: CHF 255.1 million). This result was due mainly to a downturn in the German wind energy market and to unprofitable legacy projects in Poland. Performances varied between the individual companies within Division Specialties. We are currently aligning the different areas of business in such a way that we can help shape the future of the construction industry with our adjusted portfolio.

Mixed performance

We improved our performance significantly in the second half of the year, but were unable to make up for the decline in the first. One of the reasons for the problems was the legacy of unprofitable projects, another was the virtual collapse of the market for wind energy, in Germany, which was caused by a variety of factors. As a result, revenue for 2019 fell by 5.1%, from CHF 255 million to CHF 242 million. After adjusting for currency effects, revenue stood at CHF 248 million. At CHF 150 million, the order book is practically unchanged (2018: CHF 152 million). We made successful contract acquisitions particularly in the wooden construction and facade technology sectors, for example in Berlin, Cologne and Zug.

“We are in the middle of realigning Division Specialties. We already reached several milestones in the second half of 2019, but we’ll only really get up to speed in 2020.”

Anita Eckardt
Head Division Specialties

Performances varied between the individual companies within the division. Prestressing technology and our traditional building and civil engineering services failed to meet expectations, for example, while the gravel plants and our specialist operations, such as facade technology and energy management, put in a solid performance in their niches. The reorganisation of prestressing technology in Poland is practically complete. We are currently developing our portfolio further. Implenia is well positioned in its niche markets to help shape the fundamental changes occurring in the construction industry and to accelerate the Group’s own ability to innovate.

Anita Eckardt took over as Head of Division Specialties on 1 September 2019. Since then, the strategy work has been completed, plans for onward development have been worked out with the appropriate business units, and initial potential for new business models has already been identified.

Another new feature is the Innovation Hub, which uses a structured process to turn promising ideas into new business models as quickly as possible. The Innovation Hub is supported by a digital platform.


Order backlog

in CHF m

150.3(2018: 151.9)

Order backlog at year-back level, successful acquisitions particularly in wooden construction and facade technology sectors.



in %

52.7(2018: 67.6)

Incoming orders generate satisfactory visibility.


Production output

unconsolidated in CHF m

248.7(2018: 262.3)

Reduced production output owing to decline in wind energy market.


Employees (FTE)

as at 31.12.

952(2018: 1050)

Focus on niche capabilities and reduced use of own staff for execution lead to lower headcount.


in CHF m


Falling revenue due to weak market for wind energy projects.


in CHF m


Solid EBITDA despite unprofitable projects in Poland.

Division profile

From specialist expertise to innovation driver. Division Specialties brings together Implenia’s niche services, including wood construction, formwork, facade and prestressing technology, energy management and construction logistics. The aim is to continue expanding our portfolio of services so we can help shape the fundamental changes occurring in the construction industry. Our range of activities also includes our own gravel, concrete and bitumen plants, interior construction, and an Innovation Hub that acts as an accelerator for new services.