Group structure and shareholders

Group structure

Operational group structure (since 1 March 2019)

On 1 March 2019, Implenia reorganized itself around four Divisions (Development, Buildings, Civil Engineering and Specialties), several global functions and one “Project Excellence &  Services” competence center (see graph below). The global functions (Finance/Procurement, HR, Legal, Marketing / Communications, and IT) assist the divisions and ensure groupwide management in their areas. The competence center assists the Divisions with project implementation. To ensure proximity to the customers and solid local footholds, Implenia has established regional and national organisations representing Implenia’s interests across multiple sectors.

The Implenia Executive Committee (IEC), which has replaced the Group Executive Board, was likewise created on 1 March 2019. In addition to the CEO, these are the four Division Heads, the Head Country Management and three Function Heads (CFO, Chief Human Resources Officer, General Counsel).

Consolidated listed entities

The Implenia Group has only one listed entity, Implenia Ltd, with its registered office in Dietlikon, in the Canton of Zurich. Implenia Ltd, which has been listed on SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd since 6 March 2006 (security number: 2 386 855, ISIN: CH0023868554, security symbol: IMPN), has no shareholdings in listed entities within its scope of consolidation. As of 31 December 2019, the market capitalisation of Implenia Ltd amounted to CHF 725 million.

Consolidated unlisted entities

The Notes to Implenia’s consolidated financial statements show a list of the main unlisted entities within the scope of consolidation, along with their company names, registered office, share capital and the Group’s equity interest in each.

Implenia Group

Significant shareholders

Shareholders of an entity listed in Switzerland who, based on their interest in the share capital, reach, exceed or fall below certain threshold values of voting rights, have reporting and disclosure obligations according to the Federal Act on Financial Market Infrastructures and Market Conduct in Securities and Derivatives Trading (Financial Market Infrastructure Act, FMIA). According to the disclosure reports of SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd and the Share Register, the shareholders listed below held a share of more than 3 % of the share capital and voting rights of Implenia Ltd on 31 December 2019.

Significant shareholders



Parmino Holding AG / Max Rössler

16.51 %

Rudolf Maag

5.40 %

Credit Suisse Funds AG

5.05 %

Norbert Ketterer

5.03 %

Dimensional Holdings Inc.

3.01 %

All reports concerning the disclosure of shareholdings under FMIA Art. 120, which were published in the reporting year and since 1 January 2020, are available at the following link of the Disclosure Office of SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd:


There are no cross-shareholdings.