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“Clear commitment to climate protection”

At Implenia, climate protection is a matter for top management: CEO André Wyss is taking part in the CEO4Climate initiative, calling on politicians for ambitious climate protection measures and binding rules.

Everybody is talking about climate protection these days. Many people have realised that it is high time to take effective action. Regular school strikes have certainly brought the issue to the fore, but it’s not just young people who are committed to doing something about the climate emergency. In Switzerland, CEOs of major companies have taken a clear stance. 

Implenia’s CEO André Wyss, under the banner of CEO4Climate, is one of those calling for Swiss climate policy to align with the Paris Agreement. In an open letter, the CEOs have backed the introduction of effective CO2 law that includes a binding reduction path that will take the country to net zero CO2 emissions by 2050. This requires politicians to introduce effective measures and a clear operating framework for companies.

André Wyss signed the letter to Parliament along with 70 other business leaders. They emphasise that businesses are particularly dependent on long-term planning security. Certainty allows them to develop business models that are fit for the future, and to take sustainable investment decisions. The CEOs firmly believe that Switzerland has the innovativeness and resources to take a leadership role in climate protection.

Implenia’s involvement is no accident: the construction industry is central to the climate issue. Firstly, construction activity produces a lot of CO2. And secondly, if the operating framework is right, clients and construction companies can have a major positive effect by, for example, making sure buildings are energy efficient. 

CEO4Climate is an informal group of business leaders who are working for a progressive Swiss climate policy. Implenia had already started to talk to members of parliament and climate researchers about a new CO2 law in 2018.