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The Implenia Sustainability Report.

In accordance with our social and environmental responsibilities.

The Sustainability Report transparently documents Implenia’s commitment to sustainability. Where have we achieved our goals, and where are we still falling short? Our ambitions and our commitment to sustainability are also reflected in the new goals we have set in five priority areas for the coming period. So that we as a company, as a society and as individuals, can look forward to a successful future.

Instead of providing an account of our activities every two years as has been the case until now, we will from now on update our online report on an ongoing basis. You can keep up to date on the latest status of our efforts at all times.

Click through our five priority areas directly to the online Sustainability Report:


The Sustainability Report will exclusively be available online, optimised for all devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones, and enriched with various multimedia elements.
Click here for the online Sustainability Report.


The Executive Summary presents in a transparent way the highlights 2017/2018 and the new targets by 2020 for the five sustainability priorities.