Commitment to health and safety at work

At Implenia, health and safety at work are of the highest priority, not least of all due to the increased risk of work-related accidents in the construction industry.

The basis for our commitment is formed by the company’s health and safety policy and OHSAS 18001 certification. Implenia also continuously invests in improvement measures and employee training. Implenia works with case management specialists to assist employees who have had an accident or have become ill to help them reintegrate. The commercial employees who work directly on construction sites are the most exposed to occupational accidents.

Regular prevention campaigns. One of the most frequent causes of on-the-job accidents is slipping or falling. Since 2010, Implenia has participated in the multi-year Suva campaign "". To raise awareness among employees about risks and safety measures, we regularly conduct campaigns about safety at construction sites and the prevention of non-work-related accidents.

In addition to these types of specific programmes, the training courses, which are anchored in the Integral Management System (IMS), take place annually at predefined intervals depending on the division. These courses are held decentrally in the individual regions. They include modules such as safety instructions for all new employees, a two-day management seminar with Suva for all new foremen, master craftsmen and technical managers, a safety and accident prevention course for construction site personnel and an emergency response and first aid course.

The individual training modules are consistently adapted to the risk profile of the relevant activities in the company. The goal is for our employees not to see workplace safety as an isolated issue but for them to integrate it systematically into project planning in the individual steps. The existing modules are supplemented with this goal in mind and Implenia will carry out additional campaigns together with external specialists and Suva.

Fitness for all employees. Implenia also contributes to the fitness of its trainees and employees outside of the workplace. As part of the sponsorship programme "Fit4Everybody", they are given the opportunity to take part in informational and training events with the champion runner, Ruedi Wild, who is sponsored by Implenia. The diverse health and fitness programme incorporates running for fun, training motivation, training and nutrition instruction, strength training for runners and race preparation where Implenia also supports employees by paying entry fees for some events.