Extensive range of construction services

Broad portfolio of construction services - based on expertise, tradition and innovation

Aas we develop and construct buildings, roads, bridges, railways and tunnels for people to live in, work in and travel on in future, we’re constantly seeking the right balance between financial success on the one hand, and social and environmental responsibility on the other. Built to Build – that’s our motto.

Implenia can look back on around 150 years of construction tradition. It brings the expertise of its highly skilled construction units together under the roof of a company active throughout Europe. This broad expertise is reflected in the wide range of services that Implenia offers. Thanks to its specialists’ comprehensive skills and many years of experience, Implenia can take a construction project through its entire lifecycle, delivering services that are economical, integrated and customer-centric. The focus is on striking a sustainable balance between financial success and social and environmental responsibility.

Besides tunnelling, our services include road, bridge and railway construction as well as special foundations. Thanks to our proven engineering capabilities, we are the first choice for the planning, implementation, operationalisation and maintenance of forward-looking infrastructure. We plan to retain this position for the next 150 years.

Civil Engineering

We support our clients from initial discussion right through to when we hand over the keys. Whether it’s a residential property or a major development, we supply our entire expertise from a single source across all phases of the project.

Real estate

With the aim of capitalizing on the fundamental changes taking place in the construction industry and to keep our focus trained on innovation, we established an innovation hub to promote targeted innovation for the Group. We will work together to keep developing our portfolio of construction services and constantly align ourselves to meet the needs of the market.

Specialised services