Road Building

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Implenia knows how to build a good road. We offer all the services required to carry out road-building and civil engineering projects. Our vast experience and expertise in the application of complex technologies allow us carry out complex road construction and civil engineering contracts safely and sustainably. This also requires a thorough knowledge of local conditions. Thanks to our regional market presence and flexibility, we can guarantee the highest quality for every metre of road.

Our services

Pulling height adjustable manhole covers

Pulling height adjustable manhole covers

Pulling lids, replacing tiles or manhole covers are tasks around manhole covers, which we will carry out for you promptly and reliably.

Drilling or boring covers for manhole covers in linings and relocating manhole covers are also part of this work. Replacing old manhole covers and adjusting the height of sludge collectors (inlet shafts) are services often requested in road construction.

With our shaft express group, we are quickly on site and can put our shaft milling machine into operation quickly when renovating shafts. The old inspection manhole or collector cover is drilled or milled out and the new manhole cover is repositioned at the desired height. We plaster the neck of the manhole and, if desired, we can also install a covering all around.