Varberg Tunneln FAS 2

Short description

The project comprises the two-lane extension of the Varberg-Hamra section, which is part of the Västkustbanan railway line connecting Göteborg with the southern Swedish city of Lund. As part of an Early Contractor Involvement contract (ECI con-tract), Implenia was initially awarded with the Preliminary Design (Phase 1) in June 2018, and subsequently with the Detailed Design and Construction (Phase 2) in September 2019.

The project

The core of the project is a 3.1 km long tunnel underneath the city centre of Varberg for the realignment of the tracks together with a parallel running service and rescue tunnel. Both tunnels are excavated on a stretch of 2,8km by conventional drill & blast method. The remaining 380m are cut & cover concrete sections. North of the main tunnel the tracks continue within a 900m long concrete trough with the station plattforms and the infrastructure for the Varberg Railway Station. The remainder of the 7.5 km long new railway are at grate open track sections which connect to the existing line in the north and the south.

The project comprises furthermore the construction of a new freight yard, utility works, landscaping, noise protection measures, roadworks, all railway technology including control technology and integration into the interlocking system. South of the tunnel two concrete bridges are integrated in the open track section while adjacent roads have to be realigned and integrated into the existing road infrastructure.

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Railway traffic for passengers and freight must be maintained throughout the whole construction period which requires detailed planning of various traffic phases.

High requirements on limitation for noise emission, vibration and structure-borne noise have to be observed, in particular within the urban area of Varberg, where the tunnel entrance has only a few meters of rock coverage.


In the north, the construction site adjoins a nature and bird sanctuary, which is subject to strict environmental regulations.

In confined areas of the construction field heavily contaminated soils require increased occupational safety measurements.

Further information

Key Figures

  • Realization    2019 – 2025
  • Contract values    SEK 3.446 million
  • EUR ~ 328 million
  • CHF ~ 359 million
  • Total length    ~ 8 km
  • Excav. cross-section       Main tunnel ~130m²
  • Service tunnel ~40 m²
  • Geology    Charnockite, Granite

Implenia on Site
Implenia Construction GmbH
Landsberger Straße 290 a, D-80687 München

Implenia Sweden AB,
Liljeholmsstranden 5, SE-11743 Stockholm

Scope of works
Design and build of the temporary and perma-nent works for the turnkey delivery of the pro-ject.

Performed services

  • Design and build of: Tunneling works; road works; railway construction including railway infrastructure, traffic control technology and interlocking technology; concrete works for tunnels, troughs, bridges; utility works; noise protection walls and dams; landscaping; turn-key construction of a railway station. Demoli-tion works.
  • Construction methods
  • Conventional Drill & Blast excavation for the rocktunnels.
  • Cut & Cover method for concrete tunnels.
  • Conventional scaffolding for bridges
  • Balasted Tracks

Project Participants


Tyréns (tender documents)
Implenia TDO, Atkins, Golder, Abako, TFIP (de-tailed design )