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Global Tower, Frankfurt am Main

Short description

The Global Tower is a high-rise building in Frankfurt’s banking district. It was constructed in 1974 and has undergone extensive revitalisation work since 2018.

The project

With 30 upper floors (27 regular floors and three service and maintenance floors) the Global Tower has a total height of 110 metres. The existing building with its listed façade and the new auditorium (three regular floors and one service and maintenance floor) are first being made self-sufficient, before being fully gutted and undergoing remediation for harmful substances. After this, the conversion and fit-out can begin.

Services in detail

BCL is responsible for planning the building logistics, including their continued management, and for executing them. 


  • Building logistics planning
  • Building logistics concept
  • Logistics manual
  • Preparation of tender documents for building logistics


  • Coordination of construction site logistics
  • Delivery traffic management (online notifications)
  • Area management
  • Storey logistics
  • Supply logistics (full service)
  • Access control
  • Monitoring
  • Set-up of the construction site (pedestrian tunnel, scaffolding, cranes, platform and 
  • roof extensions, scaffolding platforms and construction hoists, fall protection, construction site heating, set-up of accommodation on site, set-up of first-aid room and sanitary facilities on site, portable toilets)
  • Cleaning / winter maintenance services
  • Ancillary construction services


  • Concentration of delivery traffic flows
  • Separation of construction waste and disposal via certified companies
  • The building is expected to obtain DGNB Platinum certification
  • EnEV 2014

Further information

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