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Short description

In the north west of Dübendorf, between the rural road and the idyllic path along the bank of the River Glatt, a new urban district is being built in five stages on the former Givaudan site, with completion scheduled for 2022.

The project

As the general planner and total contractor, Implenia is completing the following projects for a fund of Crédit Suisse:

  • Giessenhof (perimeter building construction, 166 apartments)
  • Giessenplatz with energy control centre
  • Giessenturm (84 metres, basement level and 26 above-ground floors, 332 apartments and 60 care rooms for the care home company Tertianum)
  • Am Giessenplatz (38 apartments)
  • New replacement for the laboratory building (the preliminary project for offices and apartments is already complete)

The 85-metre-high Giessenturm tower will be the highest building in Dübendorf – a real architectural highlight. With its charming façade, the elegant architecture is sure to win over locals just as much as the usage concept for the development.
A new living quarter will give residents the opportunity to enjoy a safe living environment in which they are well looked after. On the bottom four storeys of the development, 60 elderly residents will enjoy all-round care in apartments specially adapted to their living needs. The well-conceived usage concept is rounded out by a catering facility, multi-function rooms and commercial premises on the ground floor.
Meanwhile, the Giessenturm tower offers unparalleled views towards Lake Greifen and the Alps on one side, and towards the Glatt valley and the Zurich lowlands on the other.

Services in detail

  • The general planner is responsible for planning the project until the construction permit comes into force, at which point it will hand the project over to the total contractor.


  • Compliance with all the requirements for the "greenproperty Gold" standard
  • Particularly complex requirements concerning the building services for the high-rise building
  • Major logistical challenges posed by the intensive building activities and the gradual shutting down of industrial activities, with extensive dismantling and temporary traffic arrangements
  • Utility lines and drainage channels for rainwater/meltwater
  • High groundwater level means that only a small number of below-ground storeys can be built


Sustainable spatial development is a particular concern when it comes to the densification inside the buildings and the mixed demographics in the residential areas. The high-rise building is being constructed to the Minergie standard in compliance with the Minergie ECO criteria, and also satisfies the sustainability criteria of the greenproperty label.

Further information

Intended use:130 apartments and 60 care rooms
Building volume:92 000 m³
Floor area:25 700 m²
Storeys: Basement level, ground floor + 25 upper floors
Height:84 m