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Semmering Base Tunnel SBT Lot 1.1

Maria Schutz, Austria

Start of construction: December 2014

Construction volume (value of our services): 457 M EUR

The approximately 27.3 km long Semmering Basistunnel is one of the most important and complex infrastructure projects in the heart of Europe. This double-tube railway tunnel is located between Gloggnitz and Mürzzuschlag, linking the two federal states of Lower Austria and Styria. As part of the new southern railway, which is the central axis on the trans-European route from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic Sea, it represents a sustainable investment in both Austrian and European rail infrastructure.

EK2: Farris bridge

Larvik, Norway

Start of construction: September 2014

Construction volume (value of our services): 2,26 M EUR

Farris bridge pases in a horizontal curve around the Farris Lake, near Larvik in Vestfold. The bridge is a part of E18, and is a part of the new 7 km long stretch from Bommestad to Sky in Larvik. The bridge is a part of the new E18 in Vestfold, Norway.

Eiganestunnelen, E 39 (Lot E04)

Stavanger, Norway

Start of construction: January 2014

Construction volume (value of our services): 249 M EUR

The E39 Eiganes tunnel (Lot E04) is part of the coastal main road between Kristiansand and Trondheim and is built in conjunction with rv.13 Ryfast which connects the municipal districts of Strand and Stavanger. This urban road tunnel project will relieve the area from traffic, improve road safety and reduce road congestion.