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Internal renewal, Hummelbergstrasse 8 - 16

Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland

Start of construction: February 2020

Construction volume (value of our services): 4,7 M CHF

The existing properties are located in an attractive residential area in Rapperswil-Jona and were renovated a few years ago. Although the occupancy rate remains very good, the owner has been intending to carry out a renovation for several years. In addition, the owner and the administration have requested numerous options, which means that the renovation costs have not met the criteria of economic viability.

Nationwide energy management system – Coop

Basel, Switzerland

Start of construction: January 1999

Construction volume (value of our services): 15 M CHF

Tetrag is building a nationwide energy management system for Coop that will encompass more than 800 sales points and distribution centres. This includes a central server infrastructure for aggregating data to obtain daily, monthly and yearly values. Key figures will also be calculated on an ongoing basis and compared to limit values.

St. Gotthard wind farm

Airolo, Switzerland

Start of construction: January 2020

At the Airolo wind farm, 5 E-92 wind turbines with a hub height of 98 m were installed on the St. Gotthard Pass in Switzerland.

Galerie de sécurité du tunnel du Fréjus

Fréjus, France

Start of construction: January 2009

Construction volume (value of our services): 128 M EUR

Following the fire of the Mont Blanc Tunnel in 1999, substantial changes were made to the regulations which resulted in the Fréjus Tunnel being brought into compliance. The Société Française du Tunnel Routier du Fréjus (SFTRF) invited tenders for the construction of a tunnel parallel to the existing road tunnel connecting France with Italy, with a length of 12,875 m, of which 6,495 m (on the French side) were awarded to the RAZEL-IMPLENIA Construction consortium.