Pontons von Cologny, Genf

Short description

The attraction of this new bathing area is undoubtedly the "Great swimming Wooden Circle" on the lake which is located in front of the shore. It is the largest platform of its kind on Lake Geneva. The special attraction of this complex is the central pool opening. Bathers can enjoy the unobstructed view of the Lake Geneva Basin and its world-famous "Jet d'Eau".

The project

The teams of Implenia Special Foundation and Civil Engineering Hydraulic Engineering have carried outwork in collaboration for a circular platform with a diameter of 40 m and an area of  850  m2  in 2020. The bathing platform is accessible from the Quai de Cologny at the entrance of Geneva. On the harbour side, a raised jetty was built to separate the leisure activities from the port activities.

The coasts amounts to approx. CHF 4 million,  supported by the municipality of Cologny and the Canton of Geneva.

Story in 20 Minutes

Services in detail

  • Improvement of water access along the Cologny shipyard.
  • Installation of riprap sections.
  • Construction of a circular pontoon and a linear pontoon.


Production of barge-mounted bored piles, installation of steel structure, installation of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements.


The project will allow nature to re-unfold / to revive. A first upstream reed zone was to be finished in 2020,  together with the bathing facility. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it will be  inaugurated only in 2021. Thus, a protected near-natural place for nest-building and breeding is created for the native animals.

The project includes a second reed zone with  blocks of limestone. These  renaturations will extend over the coming years. Thus, further shore areas of the Geneva lac will be revitalized.

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