Neues Leben am Marienplatz

Short description

Urban, modern and sustainable residential quarter in Darmstadt

The project

Implenia is planning an urban, modern and sustainable residential quarter on Marienplatz in Darmstadt that will offer different types of housing for all target groups in a mix of ownership and rental. Around 320 apartments will be built on the approximately 14,000 m² site in a five-story meandering structure and a 16-story residential tower. Small-scale local supply units and a public daycare center round out the neighborhood.

A total of 45% of the residential space in the overall project will be in the subsidized housing segment. 25% of the living space is intended for low-income households and 20% for middle-income households.

With green roofs, green outdoor spaces and courtyards, the project will improve the quality of stay and enhance the site ecologically by improving the microclimate.


Investment volume approx. € 110 million

Further information

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