Nationwide energy management system – Coop

Short description

Tetrag is building a nationwide energy management system for Coop that will encompass more than 800 sales points and distribution centres. This includes a central server infrastructure for aggregating data to obtain daily, monthly and yearly values. Key figures will also be calculated on an ongoing basis and compared to limit values.

The project

The system will provide a foundation for the continuous optimisation of operations and reporting to the Energy Agency of the Swiss Private Sector (EnAW).

Services in detail

  • Development of a standardised measurement concept
  • Building the central server infrastructure
  • Fitting the sales points with control systems and systems for recording energy data
  • Monitoring operations and ensuring a high quality of energy data 
  • Developing interfaces to in-house processes 


  • Standardised measurement concept in order to ensure comparability between locations
  • Ensuring a consistently high quality of energy data
  • Ensuring compatibility of system components over a long period of time (>>10 years) 
  • Project communication in all national languages 


  • With the services it is providing, Tetrag is making an essential contribution to the achievement of the strategic Coop goal "CO2-neutral by 2023".
  • The energy management system enables Coop to verify its own target energy figures.

Further information

Our objectives 

  • Achieving transparency in matters relating to energy consumption
  • Adherence to energy efficiency requirements
  • Use of energy data for service charge statements
  • Comprehensive alert management for limit values and faults

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