Energy Monitoring System EnMos - Swisscom

Short description

Acting as the total contractor, Tetrag implemented an energy monitoring system for 67 data centres and hubs belonging to Swisscom. This included the concept development, planning, meter installation and system integration.

The project

The existing measurement infrastructure at the various locations was inspected and upgraded. New data sources were connected, while interfaces had to be established with other management systems. 

Services in detail

  • Development of the measurement and system concept as total contractor
  • Planning and execution of the rollout
  • Installation of the meter infrastructure
  • System integration


  • Implementation during ongoing operations
  • Execution of the installation work at 67 locations within 12 months
  • Consideration of frozen zones. In these crucial time periods for Swisscom, during which public events were taking place (e.g. the Olympics, WEF Davos), no modifications were to be made to the system technology.
  • Strict security requirements concerning access and data communication


  • Achieving transparency in matters relating to energy consumption
  • Increasing energy efficiency by 20% between 2009 and 2015

Further information

Our objectives

  • Achieving transparency in matters relating to energy consumption
  • Determining the PUE
  • Increasing operational reliability while expanding the supply capacity on schedule
  • Increasing energy efficiency

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