Uncovering untapped potential

Do you want to know, and not just guess, whether there are any unexploited reserves in your property portfolio?

And where there might be additional energy saving potential? Through our interdisciplinary and digitised approach to rough analysis we’ll consider all the factors relevant to your portfolio and will help you reach a clear picture of your action options.

Optimal portfolio screening proceeds in phases and is a multi-stage process. Together with you, we define the relevant types of potential and depth of analysis. An initial brief check reveals the theoretical space and rental potential of a partial or complete portfolio and identifies the prime candidates. In the next stage, the analysis is deepened with the help of the digital project concept. 

Data-based determination of the utilisation potential

The digital and georeferenced linking of construction law with the land registry drawings allows us to estimate the maximum possible built volume for each parcel. The comparison of your portfolio data with the maximum volume gives the theoretical densification potential. Our holistic approach, combining the utilisation potential with economic efficiency filters and our expertise in refurbishment cycles, forms the basis for the selection of the optimal action strategy for your property. 

Further development with DIM

The potential of the front runners is then refined, optimised and made plausible with the help of the digital investment model.

Energy saving potential, cutting operating costs, sustainability strategy

We’ll identify properties with energy saving potential.
With the help of publicly-available data and synthetically-derived variables, a precise statement can be made about the energy possibilities of a property, such as energy needs, the possibility of installing photo-voltaic equipment and combining internal consumption, electromobility etc. and whether investing in a property will be worth it in the relevant context.

Customer benefits:

  • Quickly identifying properties with potential
  • Better decision-making bases for developing and optimising property

Data and algorithms in the property sector

The property sector is being radically changed by increasing data availability and data quality in the context of Big Data, combined with smart algorithms. Implenia has observed this development, followed it and has adopted it with its own tools.



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