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Holding property in a portfolio often involves unused potential regarding development, use, cost reduction, sustainability and more for its owners. Our consulting team, which specialises in portfolio property and modernisation, offers an extensive and modular catalogue of services. Our consultants will provide early, well-founded support in the important decision-making processes.

Consulting and customized services

Real Estate Consulting Modernisation

The range of services offered by our Real Estate Consulting Modernization is aimed at institutional investors, private individuals and public developers with existing properties.

Our specialists take a holistic approach and offer detailed and customized solutions for refurbishment, addition of storeys and conversion of residential, commercial and special properties as well as for entire real estate portfolios. This is precisely the advantage of our modularly structured service catalog; each consulting service can be selected individually or in combination. This enables us to provide the necessary analysis of the existing property and its potential, evaluate scenarios and recommend solutions that will pay off and make your property sustainable and successful in the long term. 

With us you will find:

  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Services from one source
  • Specialist advice, cross-cutting competences
  • Safe and transparent construction costs
  • Freedom of decision of the client for the next study and development phase

Our consulting services for existing properties


The portfolio screening at Real Estate Consulting Modernisation includes the discovery of unused reserves for the possible exploitation and utilisation of your properties and areas. We also work out the energy-saving potential of your real estate portfolio.

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Potential analysis

The potential analysis includes the analysis of different areas such as building law, area potential, utilization reserves, utilization and design optimization, comparison of scenarios, construction cost estimation. If required, we prepare a profitability calculation with yield and cost forecasts and inform you about possibilities of energy optimization and other sustainable solutions.

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Condition Analysis

Our condition analysis focuses on a professional assessment of the building fabric of your property and recommendations for the necessary renovation measures with an estimate of the construction costs for the repair measures. We also analyze and calculate the respective potential for energy savings and draw your attention to possible sustainable solutions.

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Developing the portfolio and changes of use

Step-by-step, we’ll work out your property renovation, extension and change of use concepts. To do this we’ll analyse the condition and potential of your property, look for alternative uses if required, calculate the profitability of projects and draw up an estimate of the construction costs. We’ll develop usage concepts, pre-projects and construction projects and make planning applications.

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Other services

  • Pollutant cleanup
  • Timber construction
  • Project Management
  • Master builder work
  • Technically demanding execution solutions
  • User search
  • Search for investors


2018: Sustainability in the portfolio

Sustainability in the portfolio: economic efficiency, technical feasibility and political desires

  • An overview of the Swiss housing market
  • The economics of sustainable buildings in the portfolio
  • The economic efficiency of specific renovation measures

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2017: Urban densification

Urban densification – New data New ways. New opportunities?

  • Rental markets: the other urban-rural divide
  • Densification: status quo and examples of local potential
  • Implementation: optimising investments using a digital investment model

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2016: The future of residential construction

The future of residential construction: focus on tenants

  • Courses of action in rental markets
  • Housing needs as development parameters
  • Product definition from the end user’s perspective

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2015: The conversion of office buildings

The conversion of office buildings: Myth or reality?

  • Comparing the economy and rental markets
  • Local conversion potential
  • The economic efficiency of conversions

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Contact persons

Nicolas Rebier
Leiter Real Estate Consulting Modernisation

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Gregory Meuli
Senior Consultant Modernisation

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