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New construction "WolkenWerk" Zurich

In the three high-rise buildings and basement floors of the "WolkenWerk" in Zurich, more than 300 condominiums have been created with a demand for high living quality and sustainability.

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Jens Vollmar
Head Division Buildings & Country President Schweiz
Stefan Winkler, MRICS
Head Real Estate Consulting & Clients / Dep. Head Real Estate Consulting a.i.
Roman Müller
Head of Master Builder German-speaking Switzerland
Marc Brülhart
Head Northwest Region
Raffaele Balmelli
Head of Region Central / East, Branch Manager Lugano & Chur a.i.
Danila Aimone
Head Region West
Thomas Vogler
Geschäftsstellenleiter Zürich
Division Buildings
Philippe Laurent Kaufmann
Head of Modernisation Switzerland
Eric Burg
Head of Modernisation and Branch Manager Crissier

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Our new building references

OMC Extra Muros

Romont, Switzerland

Start of construction: January 2011

Respond to growth and consolidate all activities on a single site. The WTO's current headquarters is located in Geneva and houses approximately 900 staff. It houses the various departments of the Secretariat, as well as…

Quartier Coupe Gordon-Bennett

Vernier, Switzerland

A new life. After more than half a century as the site of the construction company Zschokke, which became Implenia in 2006, a 35,000 m2 site in the heart of Vernier has undergone a rapid and spectacular transformation in just a…


Onex, Switzerland

Start of construction: April 2006

An extension in continuity. The "O2" building extension is located at the junction of the communes of Onex and Lancy, along the Avenue des Grandes-Communes. It is the second stage of a project for an activity building established…


Meyrin, Australia

An ideal location. Too cramped for space on its former production site, Centror, a subsidiary of the watch manufacturer Audemars-Piguet, was forced to look for a new location for its activities. The land on which the company has…

Les Résidences du Soleil

Meinier, Australia

Au cœur du village. Composé à l’origine de deux hameaux distincts, le village de Meinier se singularise par son noyau ancien et ses réalisations récentes (bâtiments locatifs ou villas) ayant considérablement modifié la structure…

Japan Tobacco International

Genève, Switzerland

apan Tobacco International (JTI) has been present in Geneva for half a century. Until October 2015, its thousand employees were spread over three buildings. The desire to regroup all the activities of its international…

Modulis Business Park

Versoix, Switzerland

Start of construction: May 2014

Birth of a new business center 10 km from Geneva. Versoix can be reached by the "Route Suisse", by two SBB stations or by the CGN boats from the Swiss and French coastal towns. Geneva's public transport system also serves 11 bus…


Lancy, Switzerland

Start of construction: August 2009

A place to (re)invent. Eighteen buildings, tens of thousands of square meters of housing, three thousand five hundred inhabitants planned, commerce and a large public park: the new district of La Chapelle is a major urban…

Le Nouveau Prieuré

Chêne-Bougeries, Switzerland

Chêne-Bougeries, a pretty commune on the left bank, is experiencing, like all the agglomerations located on the outskirts of the city of Geneva, significant development. Today, between the Frontenex plateau and the Gradelle…

Crèche Origami

Geneva, Switzerland

Start of construction: February 2014

Geneva displays its international dimension first and foremost on its right bank. Permanent missions, headquarters of organizations or large companies, this part of the city has not ceased to develop for nearly a hundred years.…