Share price

Listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since March6, 2006.

Implenia Ltd.’s share capital is CHF 18'841'440 with 18,472,000 registered shares of CHF 1.02 par value. Implenia shares have been listed on SIX Swiss Exchange since March 6, 2006.

Symbol: [IMPN]
Securities number: 2.386.855
ISIN code: CH0023868554

Shareholders holding > 3%

  • Parmino Holding AG / Max Roessler with 3,048,970 registered shares = 16.51 percent of the share capital
  • Rudolf Maag with 1,000,000 registered shares = 5.4 percent of the share capital
  • Credit Suisse Funds AG with 932,675 registered shares = 5.05 percent of the share capital
  • Norbert Ketterer with 930,000 registered shares = 5.03% percent of the share capital
  • Dimensional Holdings Inc. with 555,019 registered shares = 3.005 percent of the share capital

Date: 2019-11-28

A list of changes in significant shareholdings reported to the Disclosure Office of SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd can be found at the website SIX Swiss Exchange Regulation