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Ersatzneubau Bahnhof Liestal, Neubau Wohn- und Verwaltungsgebäude

Liestal, Switzerland

Start of construction: February 2022

In recent years, SBB station Liestal has developed into the transport hub of the upper Basel region. For this reason, SBB is planning comprehensive infrastructure measures to improve services and increase capacity. …

Gesamtinstandsetzung Mülheimer Brücke, Köln

Köln, Germany

Start of construction: January 2018

Repair of a steel cable suspension bridge over the Rhine, demolition and new construction of the ramp structures on both sides of the Rhine, in several traffic phases while maintaining traffic (MIV, IV, public transport). …

A45 Ersatzneubau Talbrücke Heubach

Ehringshausen, Germany

Start of construction: December 2021

Demolition and new construction of a 184-meter prestressed concrete bridge on the A45 between Dortmund and Giessen.

E39 Lyngdal Øst - Lyngdal Vest

Lyngdal, Norway

Start of construction: January 2021

E39 Lyngdal East - Lyngdal West stretches from Herdal to Røyskår for a total of 11 km. The project involves a longer road with several tunnels, bridges and complex infrastructure. The contract will be executed as a total contract…

Erneuerung Waldenburgerbahn Los 6.1

Waldenburg, Switzerland

Start of construction: October 2020

The renewal of the Waldenburg railway between Liestal and Waldenburg includes the upgrading of sections of the line to double track, the reconstruction and new construction of stops, the total renovation of the Waldenburg…

Pont Neuf - Replacement Kettenbrücke Aarau

Aarau, Switzerland

Start of construction: November 2019

The project includes the dismantling of the existing Kettenbrücke bridge and the construction of the new Aare bridge "Pont Neuf" in Aarau.

Südwestumfahrung Brugg

Brugg/Windisch/Hausen, Switzerland

Start of construction: April 2019

The new bypass will connect the lower Aare valley with the A1 and A3 motorways and provide access to Brugg/Windisch.

Norra Länken 12 och 22

Stockholm, Sweden

Start of construction: December 2007

The design was carried out by Technisches Büro, Implenia's, then Bilfinger's, in-house Structural Design department.


Stockholm, Sweden

Start of construction: April 2017

Complex project in the heart of Stockholm.

Varberg Tunneln FAS 2

Varberg, Sweden

Start of construction: June 2018

Strategically important railway project in Varberg.


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