Your apprenticeship at Implenia

Customise our offers to suit your needs by using the fields to select your desired profession and location. You’ll immediately be given the right contact information by clicking a pin on the Swiss map. Alternatively you can move your mouse over the pins to find out what apprenticeships are available near you.

The good application checklist

To give your application the best chance of success, you must ensure your application dossier is complete. You need to include the following documentation:

  • Title page
    On the title page make it clear what profession you are applying for and who you are applying to. The layout of this title page is up to you.
  • Application letter/personal statement
    Use your application letter to introduce yourself briefly. Please tell us why you are applying for a particular profession and what you have already done to find out about it. We’d also like to know something about you. Ideally you’ll write a couple of sentences in response to the following questions: What are your talents and interests? What are your favourite school subjects? And your least favourite?
    Finish off with a few words about your pastimes, hobbies and sporting activities.
  • Personal details and photo
  • Certificates and upper school social conduct assessment
  • Multi-check for administrator EFZ as well as for informatician EFZ.
  • Basic practical check for road builder EFZ + mason EFZ.
  • If you have them: confirmation of previous taster courses and work
  • Suggested dates

Submit your application


Please send your application by post or e-mail directly to the contact person responsible for your chosen profession in your area.

Best of luck with your Implenia job application!