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Construction mechanic EFZ. If the machinery doesn’t work, you can’t build properly. As construction machinery mechanic, you’ll maintain and repair all the machines, vehicles and equipment used in building construction and civil engineering.

Building practitioner EBA. Construction work is team work: as a building practitioner you’ll help the other builders set up the site before construction begins. You’re also there when the walls go up and the concrete is poured.

Foundation engineer EFZ. As a foundation engineer, you build the foundations on which everything else rests. Your moment comes before the actual building starts. You ensure that the ground throughout the site is strong and safe to build on.


Building services planner for heating, ventilation or plumbing EFZ. As residents’ demands increase, more and more is being asked of the technical services in buildings. Building services planners plan the installation and operation of heating and plumbing systems.

Woodwork specialist EBA. Whether its roof trusses, wooden bridges or barns, as a woodworker you help build all the major wooden structures. You’re on hand when wooden elements are installed on-site and roof trusses are assembled. You also help insulate buildings.

Information technologist FD. Digitalisation does not stop at the construction industry. As a computer information technologist specialized in systems and network technology you are responsible for the development, installation and maintenance of IT solutions. You ensure smooth operation of the infrastructure and support Implenia employees with your IT knowledge and advice.

Administrator EFZ. As an administrator, you provide services in support of various areas across the whole company. You work in an office and your main tool is your computer. Your principal tasks include data processing, communicating by telephone and email, writing letters, organising events and much more. We provide you with varied, challenging and interesting training in the construction and housing industry (

Mason EFZ. As a mason, you have a key role on the construction site. You help build new buildings as well as renovating and restoring existing ones. You’re always needed when buildings, bridges and the like are being built out of stone, brick or concrete.

Joiner EFZ. As a joiner, you install the doors, windows, shutters, built-in cupboards, kitchens and all manner of cladding. You’ll also be responsible for applying wood protection and installing window panes.

Road builder EFZ. Someone had to build Switzerland’s 70,000 kilometres of road! And if you decide to become a road builder, you’ll help keep the network up to scratch.

Carpenter EFZ. As a carpenter, you’re the person responsible on site for all types of wooden structure. You put up roof trusses, build wooden buildings, barns and sports halls, as well as stairs, doors and gates. In brick-built houses you lay the floors and panel the walls and ceilings.