Four strategic priorities

Innovative and sustainable for success in international markets

In order to achieve our vision and mission, to seize the opportunities in our markets, and to play to our strengths, we have developed a new strategy with four strategic priorities:

Our aim is to operate in business areas that allow us to set ourselves apart from the competition. To achieve this, we will need to expand our activities in our home markets so that we can profit more from our local expertise and customer contacts. In addition, we are expanding geographically into further markets by leveraging those capabilities that are internationally competitive. In the future, our portfolio will consist of four divisions which clearly differ from each other in terms of their underlying business models and long-term strategic directions:

  • Development comprises integrated project development in real estate. In Switzerland, we already have a leading position in this sector and want to maintain it. In the future, we will invest more in investment properties and establish innovative financing models. Furthermore, we are evaluating potential market opportunities outside Switzerland.
  • Buildings comprises the holistic design and implementation of complex new structures as well as modernization work on existing properties. Here too, we are a leading company in multiple home markets, particularly in Switzerland. In the future, we aim to strengthen our position as an integrated construction services provider along the entire value chain, for example by developing customer-oriented competencies in consulting and planning. We will further expand as a general and total contractor, particularly in our home markets, in part by making individual, consolidating acquisitions.
  • Civil Engineering comprises our regional business (e.g. road and rail construction), foundation engineering and tunnel construction. In all of these areas, we maintain a leading position in Switzerland and a recognized presence in our other home markets. In the future, we will enter new markets in foundation engineering and tunnel construction by leveraging our internationally competitive capabilities and partnerships for individual projects. In this way, we will strengthen tunnel construction activities in France, for example. We will also expand our engineering capabilities along the value chain. With regard to our regional business, we will focus on our home markets, review our competitive position in individual regions, and adapt our presence as needed.
  • Specialties comprises our innovative niche offers, such as wood-based construction, pre-stressing technology and facade construction. We will continue to add new offers in the future to address the fundamental changes occurring in the construction industry and to focus on innovation. Existing offers will be scaled, and those that do not show long-term potential for market leadership will be discontinued.

Profitable growth
Our aim is to grow profitably, acquire market share, and increase our margins. To this end, we need to concentrate on activities that offer greater profitability and market share potential, for example by expanding or transforming individual business areas. Furthermore, we need to be a leader in terms of cost efficiency in order to increase our margins and generate value for our customers, employees and shareholders. We will achieve this by means of a comprehensive “operational excellence” program that focuses on multiple strategic directions. These include an end-to-end, data-based value-assurance approach (previously “risk management”), with improved project selection, implementation, and management processes; the optimization of planning and production processes via lean construction; increased centralization of purchasing activities; and the use of prefabricated items. We will also harmonize and centralize our systems and processes.

Our aim is to utilize fundamental changes in the construction industry to the advantage of our customers, employees and shareholders. To this end, we need to strengthen our focus on innovation and invest accordingly. We will continue to expand our digital construction and BIM technologies, and our new Innovation Hub will concentrate on promising future business models and digital development. We will also promote promising niche offers and develop the most attractive ones. And, last but not least, we will drive integrated project implementation and industrial design, particularly in development and buildings.

Talent and organization
Our aim is to be an attractive employer so that we can attract, train and retain the talented people needed to address future challenges. The new strategy serves as a foundation for clear and attractive career prospects. A diagnosis of our organizational health identified multiple starting points for further improvements, including strengthening our talent management system, expanding the Implenia Academy, and defining the following five "Implenia Values":

  • Excellence: We meet the most demanding requirements in our projects, services and internal processes.
  • Collaboration: We merge our diverse market knowledge and insight with professional expertise to the benefit of our customers and other stakeholders.
  • Agility: We recognize opportunities and threats at an early point in time, and we address them quickly – both strategically and operationally.
  • Integrity: We meet high ethical standards, are honest, and act in accordance with the agreements we make.
  • Sustainability: We generate results that endure and we protect our fellow human beings and the environment.