A culture of fairness and sustainability.

Procurement is responsible for all purchasing processes for the entire Implenia group. Each of our local offices has their own Procurement department and they all come together to form a Europe-wide network.

Procurement focuses primarily on key trades, key materials and indirect procurement. Our suppliers, sub-contractors and service providers play an important role in the creation of value at Implenia, which is why we always aim to work with companies who stand by the values of integrity, continuity, sustainability, high quality and reliability.

We talk to suppliers on a day-to-day basis and are constantly on the look-out for new solutions to excite and inspire our customers. We apply our expertise and experience to provide our colleagues in the Costing and Construction departments with information needed for the bidding process. We are responsible for all purchases, from construction materials through to complicated sub-contracted services. We have to consider factors such as risk, quality, time, costs and compliance to make sure we always make the right choice. We aim to seek out innovative suppliers that work on a regional, national or international level. This helps us to streamline our supplier portfolio on an ongoing basis. We also make sure we stay in close contact with our existing suppliers, so that our work together can keep getting better and better.

Because our suppliers play such an important role in our work here at Implenia, we have to set very high standards. As well as a flexible approach to teamwork and a strong financial structure, we also expect our suppliers to share Implenia’s corporate philosophy. We value long-term partnerships based on trust, transparency and mutual understanding. Working together is the best way to ensure that we use our shared resources efficiently.

Supplier management at Implenia