The Implenia Purchasing Department

Culture of fairness and sustainability

The Purchasing Department is responsible for the whole purchasing volume of the Implenia Group, focusing on key works and key materials. Here we look especially to suppliers who stand out for their reliability, their integrity, their continuity and sustainability and their strong commitment to quality.

Every year Implenia spends 55-60% of the Group’s expenditure on the purchase of materials and services. Our suppliers and the Purchasing Department are thus key components of the company’s success.

Here Implenia does not focus solely on favourable purchasing conditions as the basis for successful procurement. Strategic supplier management, group-wide pooling of requirements and the development and implementation of partnership models are also at the centre of our activities, along with the optimisation of procurement processes and innovative procurement solutions.

With our great expertise and experience we provide the departments involved in calculation and execution with the information for preparing quotations, and buy in everything needed from building materials to complex subcontractor services. We take the quality, time, cost and compliance aspects into account to make the right choice. To this end we identify innovative national and international suppliers and thus constantly optimise our supplier portfolio. We also cultivate an intensive exchange of information with our existing suppliers in order to continuously improve our collaboration.

At Implenia, purchasing is structured decentrally around the different regions for proximity to our essential users and internal customers. It is also supported centrally by specialists (Lead Buyers) for key works and key materials. All the activities of our Purchasing Department are conducted in close consultation with the line and the other special departments such as Legal, Risk Management and Sustainability.

As might be expected given their importance to Implenia, our demands of our suppliers are high. Besides regional/transregional activity we also expect flexibility in the collaboration along with a clear declaration of fair and open competition, a healthy financial structure and a corporate philosophy which is similar to that of Implenia. We also attach importance to long-term partnerships based on trust, transparency and mutual understanding.