Registration step by step

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The guide below explains in detail what you need to do to register as a new supplier in our supplier management system.

The principle is simple and easy to understand – you are automatically guided through the process by the system. If you have any questions our Support will be pleased to help you.

  1. Opening of initial registration link on Implenia homepage
    Open the link "Registration» from our homepage ( via Supplier or Becoming a supplier or New suppliers
  2. Entering of company details and contact partner
    Enter your company details in the input screen. All fields marked with * are mandatory.
  3. Checking by Implenia Purchasing Department
    After you have sent your details to us, we check your data for correctness and completeness.
  4. Receipt of first e-mail and then second e-mail for login purposes
    If everything is in order on our side, you will receive two e-mails. The first will give you your temporary user name and the second, your password.
  5. Setting up of your own user profile and password
    When you log in for the first time you must change your user name and password. These will then be the access data for your personal user account.
  6. Redirection to activated user account
    Following successful entry of your data you will automatically be redirected to your user account.
  7. First action: complete and return self-declaration (third e-mail)
    In the top left corner of your user account you will find the self-declaration questionnaire under the heading Qualifications or New. Please complete this in full and truthfully. On the basis of the points that you score in the questionnaire we give you final approval and a ranking and integrate you into our supplier pyramid.
  8. Second action: uploading of the certificates required by Implenia
    You are then able to upload all the required certificates and enter the period of validity for each of these. You will then be automatically reminded when they need to be renewed.

Please keep your user account up to date at all times. It serves as an information tool for our Project Managers when they need to find a contact partner within your company.