Our Code of Conduct

Building ethically

Implenia acts responsibly. Its employees know that their day-to-day actions create Implenia's image and determine whether the company is trusted or not. The Code of Conduct sets out Implenia's underlying principles. It governs the way employees interact with each other, with business partners and with the authorities.

As well as complying with all the relevant laws, Implenia also follows additional ethical standards. Our Code of Conduct, Sustainability Guidelines and social commitments influence the way we work; but we also require our partners, subcontractors and suppliers to live up to the same standards. We document our actions transparently.

Implenia's basic principles also include the commitment to protect its own employees from physical danger, sexual harassment and discrimination. A zero tolerance policy on alcohol and other substances that can affect judgement applies right across the company.

Implenia and all its employees treat customer and employee data with the greatest of care. Implenia is also committed to fight corruption. This commitment includes a re-sponsible approach to gifts.

The rules set out in the Code of Conduct are binding throughout Implenia. Infringements will be met by sanctions.