Implenia – Building for life

A strong name

Its name, symbol and brand express what Implenia is: the leading Swiss construction services company, offering comprehensive services in established and new markets in Switzerland and abroad.

The name Implenia comes from "implement" - to carry out, complete, fulfil. On a practical level the name aptly describes what we do in the construction field: we implement ideas and plans, we enhance, integrate and expand.

The Implenia flower, a marguerite daisy, is an attractive symbol of life, and as a brand is unique in the construction industry. It embodies new ways of thinking, strength, closeness and happiness. And our slogan goes to the heart of our company: Implenia helps people who need buildings to live. We plan and build for life. With pleasure.

Implenia enables (almost) everything. The things we plan are designed to serve people, enhancing their safety, their mobility, their security, their comfort and their economic interests. We plan for life – with pleasure. If someone thinks of it, and if it's technically feasible, we can build it. We build over ground, underground, through mountains and over rivers, we build new things and renovate old ones, we build for living, for working, for transport and security, for leisure and health; we build traditionally or industrially, as a total contractor or as a specialist.